Barnet Tories deliver only 12% affordable homes in 2015/16

Conservative-run Barnet Council are set to fail their affordable homes target by a mile for the last two years - delivering only 12% (190 homes) in 2015/16 and 17% (350 homes) in 2016/17 against a target of 40%, according to provisional figures published in a report at this week's Performance & Contract Management Committee (4 July).

This means Barnet has missed out on securing 837 additional affordable homes for residents in those two years, at a time when concern about the lack of affordable housing is one of the top three local issues in the Residents' Perception Survey.

The report on affordable housing delivery also shows that five geographically smaller boroughs delivered both more affordable homes and a higher percentage of affordable homes than Barnet in the last officially recorded year (2014/15).

Neighbouring Brent delivered 706 affordable homes (44%) and Haringey delivered 405 (64%) in 2014/15, compared to Barnet's 368 affordable homes (28%).

Croydon - a similar size borough to Barnet - also delivered more affordable homes (638) and a higher percentage of affordable homes (42%) in 2014/15 than Barnet.

According to Barnet Council's Annual Growth & Regeneration Programme report a maximum 30% of the 27,000 homes planned by 2025 will be 'affordable' against a target of 40%.

Labour's Performance & Contract Management Spokesperson, Cllr Kathy Levine said: "Barnet has a bigger opportunity than other boroughs to deliver the affordable homes that our residents so desperately need, but it's a missed opportunity as the Tories are just not getting a good deal out of developers.

"People want their kids to be able to buy a home locally, but Barnet has become so unaffordable many are having to move to Luton or Milton Keynes - it's splitting up families."



1. The report on affordable housing delivery at Performance & Contract Management Committee (Agenda Item 11) can be found here:

2. For Barnet's affordable housing figures over the last three years see table HPM3 on p3 of Appendix 1:

3. The comparison with other Boroughs in 2014/15 is on p7 of Appendix 1:

4. The Annual Growth & Regeneration Programme report can be found here:

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