Barnet Tories' Brexit response shows "no Plan A or B"

Following discussion of the implications of Brexit for Barnet at this week's Policy & Resources Committee, Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Barry Rawlings said: "I wasn't expecting anything definitive at this early stage, but it was clear that the Tories had no Plan A or B in response to Brexit.
"It's ok to say you will bring reports back to committee as necessary, but there was no evidence of them having thought through the implications for Barnet, or having done any advance work on which areas of the council may be affected nor where the opportunities may lie.
"They showed no appetite for our suggestion that Barnet should support the LGA call for local government to have a voice in the exit negotiations, and they refused to support our call to work with the Mayor of London to ensure London's case was represented in the negotiations.
"Quite bizarrely they also refused to agree to a joint statement of unity against any racist attacks that may follow the outcome of the referendum, or to reassure EU citizens living in Barnet.
"All in all they seemed utterly clueless and content to allow the council to just react to events with no planning or forethought.
"When I saw that not a single Conservative councillor was at the Referendum count I should have realised then that they had a total lack of interest in the result.
"Considering Brexit is the biggest political event in recent history and one which will have a massive and lasting effect on everyone, this is the Bungling Barnet Tories at their best."

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