Barnet schools could lose £20m under National Funding Formula

Barnet’s Labour councillors highlighted at last night's Full Council meeting the potential loss of over £20 million from Barnet’s schools under the Government’s plans to implement a National Funding Formula.

The intention behind the National Funding Formula is to end any disparity in funding between schools in different regions in order to make schools funding fairer. However, the Government have not announced additional money to pay for this and the assumption is that there will need to be some redistribution of funds between schools and regions, meaning cuts for some schools.

Figures calculated by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) including adjustments for inflation show that Barnet could lose around 8.9 per cent of schools funding, which equates to £20,940,368.32.

The move towards a National Funding Formula was announced in the Chancellor’s Spending Review statement in autumn last year, with implementation due to begin in 2017/18.

Labour’s Education spokesperson, Cllr Anne Hutton submitted a motion to last night's Full Council meeting calling for Barnet council to support the campaign by the local authorities umbrella group, London Councils, to ensure that fairer funding of schools is achieved by ‘levelling up’ rather than ‘levelling down’. Her motion has been referred to the Children’s, Education, Libraries and Safeguarding Committee for discussion.

Cllr Anne Hutton said: “A cut of this magnitude could devastate schools in Barnet. It is crucial that we discuss the potential impact of the National Funding Formula and use all our lobbying power to ensure that local factors like deprivation and mobility are taken into account so that Barnet and London do not lose out.


1.       The NUT published figures can be found here:

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3. For more information on the London Councils’ campaign on fairer funding see:
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