Barnet Labour supports Mayor Sadiq Khan on Brexit

Sadiq Khan: ‘May 3 is the last chance for people to stop this Government  having an extreme. hard, chaotic Brexit deal’

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called for Londoners to use the Local Elections as ‘the last chance for people to stop this Government having an extreme, hard, chaotic Brexit deal.’

‘If you want jobs, growth and prosperity that means being a member of a customs union.’

London businesses agree with the Mayor that ‘An extreme, hard, chaotic Brexit which is what leaving a customs union would be, would be bad for jobs and growth in London’

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Tories demand hard Brexit against public opinion and common sense

Theresa May has once again caved into the hard Brexit extremists in her party and ruled out staying in a Customs Union. We also learnt of another NHS recruiting crisis as EU nurses leave the UK in droves.

During the EU referendum in 2016 Barnet Labour played a leading role in the campaign to stop Brexit. No party did more than Labour to fight for the Remain cause in Barnet – for both Stronger In and Labour In.

EU Citizens’ Rights

Barnet Labour councillors campaigned for EU citizens to have the full right to stay in the UK post-Brexit. Our election manifesto pledges that we will ‘defend the rights of our Barnet EU residents’.

EU residents are our friends, colleagues and fellow citizens. It is wrong to use people who have contributed and paid in as a bargaining chip in a negotiation.

Barnet Labour raised this issue in a debate at the Town Hall, Barnet Labour Leader Cllr Barry Rawlings said:

"The Government should take the moral high ground in the Brexit negotiations and immediately provide assurances on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK to remain here in order to secure an early agreement for British citizens living in the EU.”

In Parliament, all three Conservative Barnet MPs, Theresa Villiers, Mike Freer and Matthew Offord, consistently voted against guaranteeing EU citizens the right to stay in the UK, no matter what. 

Protecting Barnet and London from a damaging Hard Brexit

In this year’s Council Election manifesto Labour pledges that:

‘We want Barnet to be open for business and will be a strong voice against a hard Brexit that threatens the loss of 1700 jobs here.’

We pledge that a Labour Council will commission a report into the impact of a hard Brexit on health services, policing, council services, education and business in Barnet. We will use it to lobby the government as part of the negotiation and transition arrangements.

Barnet Conservatives and Brexit

In contrast, the Conservatives nationally and locally are damaging our relations with our European neighbours. Many of our local Conservative councillors and MPs such as Theresa Villiers and Matthew Offord are among the most strident pro-hard-Brexit politicians in the country. Mike Freer is a Government whip who enforces Theresa May’s instructions to Conservative MPs.

Hard Brexit is pursued to placate the right of the Conservative Party rather than seeking consensus on the best interests of the country.

Don’t just take our word for it: the Barnet Tories have succumbed to a hard right take over with deselections of respected and long serving councillors. Cllr Sury Khatri (who has resigned from the Barnet Conservatives) called it a “right wing and hard Brexit coup”.

The choice in Barnet

Nationally Labour have made clear that we want to remain in a Customs Union. In his speech in Dundee on 9 March the Labour Leader has made clear he wants to ‘retain the benefits of the single market’.

Campaigning for EU citizens’ rights, remaining in a Customs Union and with access to the single market could not be further from the Tories current position.

The final decision on a Brexit deal has not been made. Labour’s Shadow Chancellor has recently stated that a second referendum may be necessary.

The 2017 General Election showed that Londoners were unhappy with the government over Brexit.

In the Barnet Council election, you can have your say on Theresa May's refusal to guarantee human rights for EU nationals by voting Labour in Barnet.

If you want to stop Barnet becoming a ‘right wing hard Brexit’ council and if you want a council that values our place in Europe the choice is clear – vote Labour.

Labour is the only party that can beat the Conservatives here, and show that Barnet is against Theresa May’s hard Brexit and leaving the Customs Union and the single market.

Our first past the post voting system means that you can only stop the hard Brexit Conservatives taking control of Barnet council if you vote Labour.

Any other vote could let the Conservatives win - which Theresa May, Theresa Villers and Barnet's other Conservative MPs would celebrate. 

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