Barnet Council secure just 21 per cent affordable housing over last five years

Barnet Council secured just 21.39 per cent affordable housing through planning gain from major developments over the last five years, according to official council figures obtained by Labour councillors (2,587 affordable homes out of 12,096 total new homes).

Of the 61 developments granted planning permission between 2011-16 only 8 achieved or exceeded the council's policy of 40 per cent affordable housing.

Only 42 of the 61 developments included any affordable housing, and 10 developments, with a total of 343 units, had no affordable housing included because of so-called 'viability issues'.

The information was provided in answer to Council questions from Cllr Ross Houston, Labour's Housing Spokesperson and Deputy Leader.

Cllr Ross Houston said: "These figures clearly show that Conservative-run Barnet Council is not being tough enough on developers.

"They are just not serious in securing the best deal for the thousands of Barnet families aspiring to own their own home, or the young people who are living with parents into their thirties.

"Every time we fail to secure affordable housing we are failing local families who desperately need our help.

"Many young people are having to move out of the Borough and out of London to find a home they can afford to rent or buy - it's splitting up families."



1. The list of major developments agreed over the last 5 years, with details of affordable housing can be found here:

2. The total % affordable housing achieved across all the listed developments is 21.39% (12,096 total housing units; 2,587 affordable housing units). This excludes seven developments where a commuted sum was applied in lieu of affordable housing, and two which are phases of large projects that have affordable housing delivered in later stages (Beaufort Park and Grahame Park).

3. Cllr Houston's Council questions requesting the information can be found here (Q20 - p18; Q38 - p24):

For more information contact Cllr Ross Houston:

To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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