All Capita-run services to be reviewed after Barnet Labour victory

Barnet Council has agreed that terminating the two Capita contracts will be fully tested and considered in a Full Business Case looking at bringing Capita-run services in-house. The decision was made at the Policy & Resources Committee on 19 July which discussed options to realign the Council's relationship with Capita.

A report in the name of the Leader of the Council recommended 'Option 2' - preparing a Full Business Case to insource a limited number of Capita-run services such as Highways, Estates, HR and Finance.

Barnet's Labour councillors proposed that 'Option 3'  - which would bring the partnership with Capita to an end - should be included in the Full Business Case to ensure that councillors had all the evidence and flexibility to make a final decision. This was conceded by the Conservative councillors.

Leader of the Barnet Labour Group, Cllr Barry Rawlings said:

"The Capita contracts are failing, and we need to look at whether we can bring their services back in house. If councillors do not have an opportunity to look at the full business case for both options, to bring some services back, or all of them, then we haven't been presented with a choice. That was the mistake the Conservatives made in 2013 when they only looked at outsourcing models, and summarily dismissed any in-house options. Labour Councillors have won a major concession here, and the public will be able to see for themselves what is best value."



1. A copy of the report on Capita can be found here (Agenda Item 8):

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