500 Barnet teachers affected by new IT error

A new software error, this time in payroll, has affected the pension contributions of 521 teachers in Barnet according to information received by Labour councillors today. 

The Northgate software error has resulted in overpayments from 207 teachers who are now owed a refund, and underpayments from 314 teachers.
229 teachers have been affected by underpayments of between £0-£60, and 85 have underpayments of £60 or more.
Barnet council have advised that all schools and teachers affected are being contacted and advised that underpayments up to £60 will be collected through the pension contribution element in the usual way, and underpayments above £60 will also be deducted in the usual way but employees will be given a reversal loan on their account which can then be paid back through an "acceptable payment plan" to ensure no hardship.
The Northgate software issue apparently affects school payrolls across the country and is not confined to Barnet. According to the council, the software error has been fixed and will not re-occur.
Another payroll/IT issue relating to re-banding of teachers pensions contributions occurred a few months ago in October, and has also been corrected.

Labour's Performance & Contract Management Spokesperson, Cllr Geof Cooke said: "Barnet seem to be plagued by one IT problem after another, following the catastrophic failure of the library IT management system run by Capita, so it is obviously an area that needs to be reviewed and properly scrutinised as part of the Capita CSG contract review. I will be raising this at the first working group review meeting which has now been scheduled for 5 April."

For more information contact:
Cllr Geof Cooke: cllr.g.cooke@barnet.gov.uk
To contact the Barnet Labour Group: 020 8359 2568

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